Friday, November 12, 2010

Getting to the Real Work, subtitled, 'Bout Damn Time

Well, after my last blast about the Bossman, he decided to take away my computer privledges for awhile. Now that the ban has been lifted, I decided it was time to try and get a post up and get up to speed on what's been going on with the Tiki Trash Shasta.

But first, Halloween has come and gone yet again, but just had to put up a photo of my great costume I wore this year. Let me tell ya, kids act like they have never seen Jason in a camper before. Who knew?

 Ok, moving along, back to the saga of Bossman and The Real Boss. Or as I like to call it,  The Eve of Destruction, to steal a song title from days past. Once you see the pictures, you'll get the idea why this just so happened to pop in my multi colored head. Bossman decided it was time to finally do some work on the little camper I call home. I've been involved in some remodeling so I didn't feel the need to be too concerned about a little dust, dirt, and inconvience. What a damn mistake that was! Bossman has completely destroyed what was once a nice little camper. He tells me, "TikiMan, this is just like restoring an old car. Once you get started taking pieces off, you find it hard to draw the line on what is a good point to say stop". I'm guessing that it hard to draw a line on the floor when a good chunk of it is in the back on the pickup truck.

But once again, I find myself getting ahead of the story. Where was I, oh yeah, Bossman had finally decided to get off his lazy, football watching, youtube video playing(more on this later) ass and get some work done to the Tiki Trash Shasta.

'Bout Damn Time

Bossman started with taking out the dinette, the bunk bed, basically everything that wasn't literally bolted down or screwed in. "Room to move around" he says. He's a few pictures to show the damage was a bit more than Bossman expected. He tells me he's up to the task. If I had real eyes they'd be rolled into the back of my wooden head already. "Yea of little faith" I hear The Real Boss saying in the background...........

When I got a look after Bossman brought the Shasta home, I looked at him and asked him, Are you blind?

 Bossman spent a whole weekend bascially gutting the dinette/entry area of the Tiki Trash Shasta. I think I have some pictures of what he found, he didn't seem very pleased. He's not pleased? Hell, I'm the one sleeping in a camper with no floor. Jerk!

Pretty I say, pretty damn rotten!
Note the missing framing on the corners? Yeah, me too. Bossman has possibly bitten off more then even he can chew.

I can hear the Bossman upstairs saying to get off the computer. I have a feeling he has the need to watch some youtube videos from "his glorious youth". Last time I caught the fool, he was blasting some really bad 80's hair band videos and telling me how great it was. I caught a glimpse of one video. Some awful water effects and tons of gratuitous fist clinching it looked like to me.
Till next time, Keep it Tiki

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