Monday, November 1, 2010

The Pickup and Initial Impressions

Well, Bossman let me in the house tonight so I could get a little 'puter time. He said, "Tikiman, why don't you come in from the cold for a little bit tonight. Stay in the basement though, keep out of my beer, and don't be surfing websites of questionable nature". More on Bossman's choice of brew at a later time.

The Recovery, Return to Base, and First Impressions.

The Bossman and The Real Boss made the deal, bought the Shasta, and arranged for pickup at a later date. Bossman isn't the brightest, he thinks otherwise though. Here's a prime example: buy a camper, ok, that's good, don't have a vehicle to tow it with, not so good. This is where Bossman would beg to differ, he has an old pickup, pretty cool truck actually, 1965 Ford F-100 Custom Cab longbed. Problem is, it doesn't have a hitch. Well, it didn't, he finally got off his can and installed a receiver hitch after the recovery of the Tiki Trash Shasta. Below is picture of above mentioned truck. Why does Bossman always has some goofy grin on his face?

Guess another introduction is needed at this point of the story. Enter one of Bossman's best friends, Awesome. Yeah, that's what he likes to call himself, as Awesome likes to tell it, "One man, One name". I'm thinking Bossman had better get some new friends. Anyway, Bossman calls up his bud, they make arrangements with previous owners, set a time and head off east on a nice, sunny, hot, July morning. I will give Bossman some credit. He picked up some tow lights, "just in case" he says, wrenches, screwdrivers, a jack and a set of rims and tires.. He tells me later, "I picked up a set of 15" rims and had some decent rubber mounted on them, the tires on the ole gal looked like the tread was 100% but were suffering from a severe case of dry rot". I'm thinking Bossman has a case of dry rot in the brain at times. Prime example: Bossman forgot to mention to Awesome that Tiki Trash Shasta was located at the top of a street that had a slope of approximately 30 to 35 degrees, and no place to swap out the tires. Problem solved, they hooked up, pulled it down the hill, which ended in a T intersection. Of course the road they were on was the one that had to stop, AT THE BOTTOM of this steep road. Nothing like a little adventure to start the journey back to Topeka. These clowns found a nice place to stop and swap out the tires, nice being, about having a foot from the edge of the road. Good thing Farley is a sleepy little place. I heard Awesome recount the story, "we hopped out, unloaded the jack and new tires, swapped them out in about 20 minutes, we looked like a Nascar pit crew". More like pitiful crew I'm sure. Their trip home was uneventful actually, no burnt bearings, flat tires, or anything else worthy of mentioning. The Real Boss and Bossman did a quick policing of the little gem and took the obligatory "new camper" pictures to post on that social networking website. Let me dig around the hard drive and see if I can't find some of the initial pictures.

Obviously some water damage to the corners, little does Bossman know what he is getting into!
Note the super cool Kraco 8-track player
Bossman told me he hasn't decided what to do about the AC, The Real Boss says it stays, somehow.
About time to wrap this up, Bossman is yelling downstairs, telling me it's time to take my Island shirt loving self back out to the Tiki Trash Shasta. Bossman has really started to dig into the ole gal, of course, bonehead waits until it's Fall and getting pretty cold in this part of the world to really get after it. I've been documenting the progress and will do my best to get this, possible disaster in the making, to the masses. Until next time, Keep it Tiki

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